Mega Jump Edit

Name Price Description
Redford 1500 The little guy that started it all. He's got a long journey to make it back home - but you know he's got the heart!
Bluto 1500 This plucky fellow soars as high as his brother redford. He may have fewer teeth but he's ready to kiss the sky!
Rosie 1500 Fiesty and fast, this girl is headin to the top! Rosie is on her way to the galaxies, just like her brother redford
Buster 1500 He's the sweetest orange monster around. Can you help Buster collect enough coins to grant him his wish?
Foxworthy 1500 This tiny but adventurous has high hopes of reaching the stars. Can you help him achieve his dreams?
Rocky 1500 Streak skyward with this boosting bandit. Rocky wants just three things - Coins, coins, and more coins!
Pon Pon 1500 Black and white and fluffy all over, Pon Pon is like a leaf in the wind, floating forever upward!
Bradley 1500 No leash can hold this terrier back! Bradley is a puppy with enough energy to jump to the moon!
Chippy 1500 He's tiny and adorable, but don't count him out - he's a chipmunk on the lookout for a lucky steak!
KoKo 1500 This couragous Koala calls thee forest his home, he he's always wanted to see how high he could climb!
Ridley 1500 If there's one thing this floppy-eared furball loves more above all else, it's jumping!
Marty 1500 Help this cheeky monkey bounce his way into orbit and he'll be grinning all the way to the stars
Biff 1500 He's a fuzzy tail-slapper chewing up the scenery on the way the the great beaver dam in the sky
Dizzy 1500 The cutest flightless blue dragon around just wants to soar through the skies like his giant fire-breathing cousins!
Tyrone 1500 Tyrone the T-rex is terrifyingly cute, and he'll try to grab tantalizingly tasty powerups at every turn!
Sheldon 1500 He's one speedy Turtle! From the warm
Pepper 1500
Slartie 1500
Rolf 1500
Redfridge 3500
Yoo Hoo 1500

Mega RunEdit

Name Unlock Level Description
Redford Start The little guy that started it all!
Bluto Level 6 Redford's plucky, missing brother!
Rosie Level 11 Redford's feisty and fast sister!
Sheldon Level 24 He's one speedy turtle!
Pepper Level 32 She's the coolest runner!
Rolf Level 36 He's the leader of the pack!
Dizzy Level 41 He can't fly, but he sure can run!
Gold Redford Level 50 He's a solid choice!